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Wow…Banky need your binky?? Bitter little gal. Besides death and taxes the other sure thing in life is whiny Viking “fans” posting moronic statements about everything Green Bay on the PFT website. Advertisements

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Aaron Rodgers officially out for seventh week

What’s even more hilarious is how many Viking fans posting on a Packer article and saying the Packer fans are obsessed with the Vikings. Lol..”obsessed much”? Really Pot? Perhaps you haven’t met kettle yet

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Scott Tolzien will start for Packers next week

Why are you so concerned about the 2-7 Vikings? Hello Packer fans! You’re about to miss the playoffs thanks to Scott Tolzien, and you’re more concerned about the Vikings history?? Hahahahaha!!!!! I know Wisconsin is boring, but come on, the … Continue reading

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Actually Dougie..the Pack have a winning record against the Queens during the 80s..but u probably didn’t become a Viking “fan”until 1998

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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