Aaron Rodgers officially out for seventh week

What’s even more hilarious is how many Viking fans posting on a Packer article and saying the Packer fans are obsessed with the Vikings. Lol..”obsessed much”? Really Pot? Perhaps you haven’t met kettle yet

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Scott Tolzien will start for Packers next week

Why are you so concerned about the 2-7 Vikings? Hello Packer fans! You’re about to miss the playoffs thanks to Scott Tolzien, and you’re more concerned about the Vikings history??
Hahahahaha!!!!! I know Wisconsin is boring, but come on, the playoffs and trying to win just your 3rd championship in 50+ years is the only thing that matters to you people.
Why are the Viking fans blabbing on an article about the Packers?

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Actually Dougie..the Pack have a winning record against the Queens during the 80s..but u probably didn’t become a Viking “fan”until 1998

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Hello world!

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